Customer Feedback and Letters of Recommendation

Over the years I have had many customers write or call me after they have received their furniture to let me know how much they like it. I also solicited letters of recommendation from a few customers when I needed them to bid on a large project in Texas. What follows are a few examples of these letters.

Excerpt of letter from R. R. of Bethesda, MD:

I am sorry to have taken so long to thank you for the beautiful [ Continuous Arm ] chair you made for us last fall. ......My son Eric brought it down to us at Christmas and we were, and are, absolutely delighted. It is a beautiful piece and "makes" the room in which it is located.

Excerpt of letter from A.E. of Westport, CT:

Yesterday we received the Pencil Post Bed . I assembled it last night with no problems.

I wanted to let you know that your workmanship is excellent. I don't know how you make those tapered octagonally posts, they are light and graceful. I love touching the wood.

Excerpt of letter from J.M. of Lafayette, LA:

Our multi-parcel [ Pencil Post ] bed arrived in two separate deliveries. It was quite miraculous to see an architectural masterpiece evolve from three simple packages in the middle of our bedroom.

As with all well designed and lovingly crafted hardwood furniture, there is an aura of holiness about it. We are both extremely pleased with what you have created. It is obviously an heirloom piece that will be appreciated far into the future. Its elegant design, solid construction, and ease of assembly are further testament to the care and diligence you have put into the piece. Many thanks.

Excerpt of letter from S.L. of Oldtown, MD:

From the day we assembled your [ Oval Extension ] table in our dining room and graced it with you beautiful [ Continuous Arm and Bowback ] chairs I've had the intention to write and thank you. Belatedly I write now before we get into the next year.

The table and chairs speak for themselves as works of craftsmanship. They give us an emotional lift every time we see or use them. An unexpected bonus is how comfortable the chairs are. I've sat in many Windsir chairs and I don't remember any that so notably were a good fit.....

With many, many thanks!!


Email from Tammy and Michael of Nassau Bay, TX:

Dear Mr. Bissell:

We received the cabinet yesterday and it looks wonderful! The quality of the wood is amazing and the top of the cabinet is especially beautiful. We can't wait to see how gracefully it ages.

Thanks for making such a beautiful piece of furniture. I know we will enjoy it.


Tammy & Michael

Email from Dave of Houston, Texas


Haven't chimed in since delivery of the furniture. Really beautiful. Your furniture simply makes us feel good. Something about sitting in those arm chairs looking down the table at Zoe with our two little boys on the bench beside us is just what contemporary American culture and all it's dysfunction is crying for. Who would have thought America could be saved with quality furniture?

Can't wait to order some more and thanks again,


Email from Phil of Egg harbor, WI

Hi Richard,

Our second stool arrived today, and it looks just as beautiful as the first one you made for us. The first one was mine; this one will be Barb's. Barb is especially happy because she was getting a bit jealous over all the exclaiming people were doing over my stool.

We are using these in the basket studio in our cottage in Wisconsin. I have spent eight hours sitting on mine, weaving a basket, and have not had the slightest fatigue or ache in my back or butt. I can't say that about any other chair I have ever sat on for that long. The stool is every bit as comfortable and well designed as it is beautiful.

Thanks again.


Email from Cally of Rye, NY

Dear Richard,

I couldn't be more delighted! The stools are everything I had hoped for - beautiful construction and design, comfortable, and a finish that is really impecable. I look forward to my family and friends enjoying these stools for a great many years. They are truely heirloom pieces.

Thank you and warm regards,


Eamil from Jessica of Woodside, CA


The bed you made for us is just beautiful! I love the way the posts turned out - thank you again for the time you put into designing just the right ones. The headboard is so pretty - I could stare at (and touch) that cherry for hours - and I suppose that over the years, I will! It's now my favorite bed in the house (although we still get more compliments on the pencil post bed you made), and we all argue over who gets to sleep in it.

Thank you again,


Email from Ingrid of Atlanta, GA

Richard -

A long overdue note to let you know how much we love our new bed. It's beautiful and so well made. Many thanks for the care you put into making it and the excellent instructions that came along with it. We feel fortunate to have come across your website.

Best wishes,



Letter of recommendation from Robert T. of Northfield, MA:

Richard Bissell has asked if I would write a letter of recommendation for him, and I am delighted to do so. We bought a house in Putney, Vermont which required some renovation and an addition. In the new living room we wanted to build in bookcases and cabinets on either side of the fireplace. Since the bookcases were to be the focal point of the room, we were particularly concerned that they be handsome and well crafted. Richard Bissell has the reputation of being one of Vermont's leading woodworkers so we knew we had the right person, but when the finished product was in place it was even more beautiful than we expected.

Needless to say, we are completely satisfied with every aspect of his work and feel fortunate to have had him do the job. Mrs. T. and I can give Richard Bissell the highest possible recommendation.


Letter of recommendation from William of Utica, NY

Over the years I have bought many pieces of furniture from Richard Bissell.

I am truly convinced that his work is among the finest in the country. As I am sure you are aware, the lines and the look of his furniture are classic but what is more important is that it is functional as well. Richard takes great care to engineer such things as the curve and depth in the seats of his chairs so that they are comfortable and easy to use.

As a businessman, I find Richard's prices reasonable. Because of the quality and service afforded, reasonable pricing becomes extremely fair pricing.

I intend to continue to use Richard's work in both my business and home. I can, with clear conscience, give him an exteremely high recommendation. You will not be disappointed if you choose to work with him.