Chair Construction

My windsor chairs, benches and stools are build with traditional wedged through tenon joinery that will hold up to generations of use. Every joint in my Mission chairs is a mortise and tenon joint - the strongest possible joint for this type of chair.

continuous arm chair
Arm and seat detail

Wedged Through Tenons
Chair legs extend all the way through the 1 1/2" thick chair seat and are glued and wedged in place. The spindles also are through tenoned and wedged on the arms and back of the continuous arm and bowback chairs.

Closely Spaced Spindles
Notice that the spindles are closely spaced. This makes for a very comfortable back. Spindles that are close together feel like a continuous, smoooth curve while spindles that are far apart feel like individual spindles against your back.

Bottom of continuous arm chair
Underside of a continuous arm chair
More Through Tenons!
Every spindle is through tenoned, glued and wedged through the chair seats. The bowback of the bowback chair is attached to the seat in the same way. These joints are rediculously strong.
carving a chair seat
Carving a chair seat
Deeply Carved Seats
My chair seats are deeply carved to a depth of 3/4" so they are extremely comfortable.
Chair construction slide show
Chair construction process
Construction Process
A Windsor chair starts as a square seat blank and finishes with a beautiful chair. The slide show to the left shows the progress of carving a seat and assembling a continuous arm chair.