Walking to Work

I am fortunate enough to be able to walk to work everyday. My house is about a quarter of a mile from my shop and I have the choice of walking on the road or through the woods and fields. I generally only take the road if I have to go to the mail box (rural delivery route) or if there’s to much snow on the ground. I really enjoy the walk through the fields and woods. Below are a few photos I’ve taken recently along the way.

Mushrooms in the hollow of a tree. This large old maple tree in the court yard just outside my shop.

These next photos are of a tree that is about 50 yards to one side of the path I take through the woods. I noticed the fresh white broken off tree truck from the path and went to investigate. I assumed that this pine tree had been weakened by woodpeckers going after insects in the secction of the trunk that broke off.

What I found was something I’d never seen before and didn’t realy know what to make of it. There was no evidence of any rot or weakness in the trunk and the standing portion of the trunk looked like it had been twisted. Even more odd was the fact that a sction fo the trunk about 11-15 feet long looked like it had been literally blown apart. The were 6 or 7 long pieces of this section laying on the ground radially around the standing truck. One of these sections was jambed into the ground. You can see it in the photo below angling out of the ground.
What I eventually concluded was that this tree had been struck by lightening. We had a powerful thunderstorm a few days ago which included a ligtening strike that sounded like it was very close by. This photo is powerful evidence for the rule: Never stand under a tree during an electrical storm!

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