Lost But Not Forgotten

This maple kitchen work table was the first real piece of furniture I made.  During the winter of 1981-82 I was living with my girlfriend Elizabeth (scandalous, I know, but she’s now my wife) in a small apartment in Georgia, Vermont. … Continue reading

Custom Made Beds – Measuring your Mattress Thickness

One of the advantages custom made beds have over stock manufactured beds is the ability to have the bed sized perfectly for your mattress or mattress and box spring thickness.  While mattress length and width are standardized their thicknesses are … Continue reading

“Show Your Work!” Tips on Shopping for Fine Handcrafted Furniture

I was looking at another furniture company’s website the other day.  They claimed to make fine handcrafted furniture using the finest woodworking techniques and the high prices for the furniture certainly would indicate that they did.  However, while the pieces … Continue reading