About Richard Bissell

Richard Bissell has been designing and building solid hardwood Shaker, Mission & custom furniture in Putney, Vermont since 1982.

What’s New In and Out of The Shop – 3 year update

I just don’t seem to have time to write blog posts or at least I’m not willing to find the time.  My last post was almost 3 years ago! I had a prospective customer visit the shop this summer and … Continue reading

Lost But Not Forgotten

This maple kitchen work table was the first real piece of furniture I made.  During the winter of 1981-82 I was living with my girlfriend Elizabeth (scandalous, I know, but she’s now my wife) in a small apartment in Georgia, Vermont. … Continue reading

Custom Made Beds – Measuring your Mattress Thickness

One of the advantages custom made beds have over stock manufactured beds is the ability to have the bed sized perfectly for your mattress or mattress and box spring thickness.  While mattress length and width are standardized their thicknesses are … Continue reading

“Show Your Work!” Tips on Shopping for Fine Handcrafted Furniture

I was looking at another furniture company’s website the other day.  They claimed to make fine handcrafted furniture using the finest woodworking techniques and the high prices for the furniture certainly would indicate that they did.  However, while the pieces … Continue reading

7 Reasons Never to Read Another Listicle

Oh No! Not another listicle? Have you ever wondered why there are all those articles with a numbered list of the “best 11 widgets for doing whatever” or “23 reasons you should never filling-in-the-blank”?  It seems they are everywhere these … Continue reading

Tricks of the trade – eliminating glue squeeze out

There are many little tricks that furniture makers come up with to make things go more smoothly in the workshop.  Often these are figured out after something has gone wrong, to keep it from happening the next time.  Today I … Continue reading

The best use ever for double stick tape

For the first 20+ years of making furniture I unknowingly struggled without the knowledge of the myriad of uses for double stick tape.  I barely even knew it existed until hiring an employee who was shocked when he found out … Continue reading

Extra Long Extension Table

I recently completed this custom made extra long solid cherry extension table. I’ve been making extension tables for over 30 years but this one was far longer than any I’d ever made. With a table of this length my concern … Continue reading

Message in a bottle

On June 28th the workshop phone was mistakenly disconnected.  Until it is reconnected (which I’m told will take about a week!) I can be reached at 802-579-4515.  I can also be reached by email at richard@bissellwoodworking.com.  I suppose you could … Continue reading

Custom storage bench in curly maple

While searching through photos of custom furniture I’ve made in the last few years I came across some photos of a custom storage bench made from curly maple that I had completely forgotten about having made.  How could I have … Continue reading