Shaker Furniture built with solar power

We recently (December 2012) installed a photo-voltaic power system that will generate enough electricity to completely power my custom furniture making shop.  The 10 kw system consists of two AllSun Trackers made by AllEarth Renewables of Williston, Vermont and 40 PV solar … Continue reading

Dealing with my frustration with the climate change debate

Frighten and frustrated by all you’ve read about what’s going on with the climate and all the arguments going back and forth about it?  I sure am.  I’ve read many books on the science of what’s going on as well … Continue reading

Vermont Cherry Furniture

I spend a fair amount of time searching for nice cherry lumber to use in my furniture.  I also like to use local lumber whenever possible.  This week I spent most of 1 day milling milling some cherry logs from … Continue reading

Walking to Work

I am fortunate enough to be able to walk to work everyday. My house is about a quarter of a mile from my shop and I have the choice of walking on the road or through the woods and fields. … Continue reading

Thoughts on global warming, trees and lumber

Every since I saw Al Gore’s movie The Inconvenient Truth I’ve been reading a lot of books about global warming – both the science that leads to the conclusion that this is really happening and possible solutions to the problem. … Continue reading