Harvest Table continued

Today’s photos show the assembled harvest table rule joint in 3 different positions – leaf down, leaf half way up and leaf up. Proper routing of the joint and positioning of the hinges is necessary so that the finished joint … Continue reading

Mission bookcase

Today’s photo is of a custom sized mission bookcase we are making. This bookcase is 72″h x 52″w x 12″d. Because the bookcase is so wide the shelves are a full 1″ thick rather than the usual 3/4″ so that … Continue reading

Rule joint

Today’s photo is of the rule joint of the two harvest tables I’m working on. This joint is simple enough when you get it right but the first time I made a harvest table I found I had problems with … Continue reading

Too much to do – Photo of the day

Who has time to keep up with all of this web 2.0 social media stuff – facebook, twitter, blogs – not to mention just keeping a website up to date? As you can see from the how infrequently I post … Continue reading