Extra Long Extension Table

custom made extension table

Main parts of extension table splits in two places to accept leaves on either side of center section with legs.

I recently completed this custom made extra long solid cherry extension table. I’ve been making extension tables for over 30 years but this one was far longer than any I’d ever made. With a table of this length my concern was that the table would sag in the center when fully extended. Normally an extension table splits in half to accept leaves in the center. For this extension table I made the main table in 3 pieces so that it could accept leaves on either side of a center table section with legs. This center section allows the table to be extended with four 22″ wide leaves to its full length of 15′ 2″ and still be rock solid.

solid cherry extra long extension table

Solid cherry extension table with all leaves in place is 15′ 2″ long x 48″ wide and will seat 18 people comfortably.

The curved, beaded aprons, gently tapered legs and thumbnail edge on the table top make this more than just a really long table.  It is graceful and beautiful no matter what its length.  Built from solid cherry with mortise and tenon construction and steel table slides this table will provide a gather place for many generations.

solid cherry extension table

Solid cherry long extension table with no leaves in place is 7′ 10″ long x 4′ wide. Extends to 15′ 2″ with addition of four 22″ wide leaves.

48" round curved apron extension tablbe

48″ round curved apron extension table extends to 9′ long with the addition of three 20″ leaves

If you like the looks of this table but don’t need all the length I make a smaller version of this table that starts out 48″ round and extends to 9′ long with the addition of three 20″ leaves

extension table apron detail

Curved, beaded apron, thumbnail edge on table top and tapered leg detail.

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