The Putney General Store Fires – A death in the family

Yesterday morning I got the news that the Putney General Store had burned down – again. The Putney General Store (PGS) is literally in the center of Putney at the intersections of the two main roads: Route 5/Main St and Kimball Hill.  … Continue reading

Tractor seat stools

Today’s photos show part of the process of making my tractor seat stool seats. These stools have deeply carved seats that are inspired by the old cast iron tractor seats that, despite being made from a very hard material, were … Continue reading

Designing furniture with 3D CAD

I have been drawing furniture with 2 dimensional CAD (Computer Aided Design) programs for many years and have always found 3D programs (where you draw the piece and rotate it to view it from any angle) intriguing. However, only in … Continue reading

Walking to Work

I am fortunate enough to be able to walk to work everyday. My house is about a quarter of a mile from my shop and I have the choice of walking on the road or through the woods and fields. … Continue reading

Harvest Table continued

Today’s photos show the assembled harvest table rule joint in 3 different positions – leaf down, leaf half way up and leaf up. Proper routing of the joint and positioning of the hinges is necessary so that the finished joint … Continue reading

Mission bookcase

Today’s photo is of a custom sized mission bookcase we are making. This bookcase is 72″h x 52″w x 12″d. Because the bookcase is so wide the shelves are a full 1″ thick rather than the usual 3/4″ so that … Continue reading

Rule joint

Today’s photo is of the rule joint of the two harvest tables I’m working on. This joint is simple enough when you get it right but the first time I made a harvest table I found I had problems with … Continue reading

Too much to do – Photo of the day

Who has time to keep up with all of this web 2.0 social media stuff – facebook, twitter, blogs – not to mention just keeping a website up to date? As you can see from the how infrequently I post … Continue reading

Thoughts on global warming, trees and lumber

Every since I saw Al Gore’s movie The Inconvenient Truth I’ve been reading a lot of books about global warming – both the science that leads to the conclusion that this is really happening and possible solutions to the problem. … Continue reading

The Furniture Maker and the Princess

Once upon a time there was a furniture maker who worked long hours building simple (but well made and beautiful) furniture in his workshop in Putney, Vermont. At the end of every day he would go home and check his … Continue reading