Too much to do – Photo of the day

Who has time to keep up with all of this web 2.0 social media stuff – facebook, twitter, blogs – not to mention just keeping a website up to date? As you can see from the how infrequently I post to this blog I certainly don’t have much time to spare.
I recently read an article online – can’t remember where – that talked about how businesses haven’t yet really figured out how to take advantage of Facebook and Twitter yet. The article went on to say that the most popular use of Facebook in particular was sharing photos. This got me thinking. If people really just want to look at photos maybe that’s what I should be posting. So I’ve decided to post a “photo of the day” . We’ll see if I can at least keep up with that. I’ll probably post here and on Facebook.
Today’s photo is of a harvest table base being glued together. I’m making two 7′ 10″ long harvest tables. You can just see the end of the second table in the upper left of the photo.

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