Shaker Furniture built with solar power

We recently (December 2012) installed a photo-voltaic power system that will generate enough electricity to completely power my custom furniture making shop.  The 10 kw system consists of two AllSun Trackers made by AllEarth Renewables of Williston, Vermont and 40 PV solar panels made in Georgia.  The trackers keep the panels pointed directly at the sun throughout the day which maximizes their productivity.

solar powered woodworking shop
10 kw solar power system that powers the workshop
(in the background  between the two panels)

The system is grid tied.  This means that any power not immediately used by the workshop is feed into the power grid and credited to the shop account.  When the shop is using more power than the panels are producing (on a rainy day for example) the extra power needed is pulled from the grid.

Federal and state tax credits along with an incentive payment from Efficiency Vermont, 6 cents/kw produced bonus payments from Green Mountain Power for 10 years, tax savings from depreciation on the system and savings from not having to buy power make the payback on the system about 6 years.

Richard Bissell
Handmade Shaker Furniture made from responsibly harvested solid hardwoods and Solar Power!
Putney, Vermont

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