Free Shipping

These days it seems almost all online businesses are offering “Free Shipping!”.  I don’t know about you but every time I’ve shipped or mailed something it hasn’t been free. Even mailing a letter costs 44 cents and that’s going up in January. Shipping handmade furniture, especially if you want it to get to its destination undamaged, definitely isn’t free. It costs real money. I’ve seen other furniture websites that offer “Free Shipping” but what that really means is shipping is already added to the price of the furniture.  Since they don’t know where the furniture is going before it’s sold they must have to add enough to the price to cover shipping it anywhere nationwide.  What happens if you’re only 100 miles away instead of 3000 or if you’re picking up your furniture yourself? Since “Shipping is free” so you pay the same price as if it were shipping across the country.

I price my handmade Shaker Furniture based on what it costs to build (labor + materials + a fair profit).  If you need it shipped I’ll charge what it costs to ship (packaging + shipping + insurance). You pay just what it costs and no more.  If you pick it up yourself at my shop you pay no shipping charges.  But don’t kid yourself – even if you pick it up yourself shipping isn’t free.  There’s gas + wear and tear on your vehicle + your time and if you damage it in transit it’s not insured. 

Richard Bissell
Putney, Vermont
Handmade Shaker, Mission & Custom Furniture

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